Assikha Herbal Smoking (Dhumpana) with 10 medicinal herbs (10 Packs of 12 cigarettes)


Pack of 10 x 12 Ayurvedic herbal cigarettes (120 herbal cigarettes).

  • A delicious blend  of 10% each of Tobacco, Turmeric, Black Cumin Seed, Cardamom, Ginger, Javanese Turmeric, Miswak (for teeth and gums), Betel Leaf (Piper betle), Nutmeg and Black Pepper.
  • Very good to stop tobacco smoking. Contains only 0.16 mg nicotine.
  • These cigarettes can make you dizzy at times, since the medicinal herbs tend to provoke a detoxification reaction.
  • Ayurvedic smoking of medicinal herbs is known as dhumpana.
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