Black Galangal (Sand Ginger) (Kaempferia galanga)


Also called Resurrection Lily, Black Galangal is one of the four rhizomes called Galangal. It has a both peppery and slightly camphor-like taste. Although it is called ”black”, the inside of the root is purple, and the rhizome powder is of a dark yellow color.

It is similar to Thai Black Ginger (Kaempferia parviflora) or krachai, but more powerful. Thai Black Ginger only has aphrodisiac and mild medicinal effects, while Black Galangal has both strong medicinal effects, aphrodisiac effects, as well as mind-focusing and meditative effects.

The kaempferol present in Black Galangal has been shown in studies to be highly beneficial against several types of cancer and leukemia. It also has excellent properties against rheumatism.

More interestingly, Black Galangal is said to have mysterious properties that are beneficial for meditation. Spiritual practitioners use it to lower their respiratory rate and induce meditative states.

In Indonesian Hinduism, Black Galangal is said to belong to Goddess Kali.

Black Galangal  is one of the many types of medicinal Gingers. It is not to be confused with Greater Galangal (Aromatic Ginger).

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