How to Pay with Crypto (Dash and XRP) 1

We accept Dash and XRP, the two cryptocurrencies with the lowest transaction costs and the fastest speed, which allow merchants and consumers to use them safely for everyday transactions.

Both currencies are already accepted at large online retailers such as Overstock.

All other sites can be purchased from through Bitcoin Superstore.

We do not accept any of the slow and expensive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin. Dash and XRP have significantly lower fees and transaction times than Bitcoin, which results in a much better experience on both the customer and merchant side. We also do not accept cryptos that have not been actually designed for payments, but for other uses (such as Ethereum and others).

How to Pay with Crypto (Dash and XRP) 2

How to Pay with Crypto (Dash and XRP) 3

Dash: the new Paypal

Dash currently boast a median transaction fee around $0.0005 USD and has fluctuated around $0.001 USD for the past few months. The highest the Dash transaction fee ever peaked was $0.10 USD for a short period in 2017, according to

Confirmation time for Dash is currently at around 2.6 minutes. This is much faster than the standard block time of 10-30 minutes for Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash. Dash users can also use InstantSend to get instant transaction confirmations in seconds for only a few cents more.

Dash can be spent at thousands of merchants worldwide.

Where to buy Dash?

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How to Pay with Crypto (Dash and XRP) 4

XRP: the Standard

XRP is a major digital currency issued by Ripple that is used as a universal protocol for global money transfers. Due to its universal nature, extremely low fees and instant transactions (less than a few seconds), XRP is being used by many international banks and financial networks, and by online shopping stores as well.

XRP is the key of the Internet of Value, which is open for everyone (individuals as well as banks, companies and governments). Ripple is essentially taking a stand against what they call “walled gardens” of financial networks consisting of banks, credit cards, and other institutions such as PayPal that restrict the flow of money with fees, currency exchange charges, and processing delays.

How to buy XRP?

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