Javanese Turmeric (Curcuma xanthorriza) Root Powder: A more powerful Turmeric


  • Javanese Turmeric is more efficient than regular Turmeric for joint pain, arthritis and any sort of pain caused by inflammation.
  • Javanese Turmeric is also more efficient helpful for oral care, when added to mouthwash and toothpaste. It is very recommended for use against strep/staph mutans or other oral pathogens in the mouth.
  • Javanese Turmeric is calming and soothing mentally and emotionally.
  • Highly anti-inflammatory, and recommended for wound healing.
  • Improves digestion and increases appetite (especially for children and elderly people)
  • Javanese turmeric is traditionally used for indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating after meals, stomach disorders, and liver and gallbladder issues.
  • It can be blended with Myrrh for oral care! Both are bitter tasting, so find a way to mask the taste.

Main recommended use: Anti-inflamatory, to treat liver disorders like jaundice and gallstones.

Warning: Javanese Turmeric is different from normal Turmeric and shouldn’t be taken more than three months in a row.

Type of Powder: Water soluble. Easy to integrate in teas and drinks.

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