Kalamegha Powder (‘King of Bitters’)


A very powerful natural blood purifier, Kalamegha (Andrographis paniculata) has a surprisingly large range of applications.

Called the ‘King of Bitters’ in Ayurveda, Kalamegha is utilized to speed up healing in cases of hepatitis, spleen infections, dysentery, typhoid, diarrhea, influenza, tonsillitis, lung abscess, bronchitis, acute kidney infections, ear infections, ear viral infections, toothaches, malaria complications, gonorrhea and several other internal organ afflictions, including cancers.

  • Skin problems can be healed with a Kalamegha poultice made from boiled leaves or powder. This can be spread on spread on external wounds and as well.
  • Kalamegha is a very strong bitter herb that stimulates the appetite when taken orally.
  • It is traditionally used for neutralizing the effect of poisonous snake bites (the traditional way is to chew the plants on the spot and apply it on the bite-wound).

The herb is described in the ancient epic Ramayana under its Sanskrit name Usandhilata, and other texts later on expanded on the phenomenal qualities of this plant.

In an old Javanese text from the 13th Century named Serat Nitisastro, a reference is made to the wonderful properties of Kalamegha, calling it a purifying force for the world.

In another reference by the famous Surakarta Kraton scribe Yasadipura in his work Serat Rama, Kalamegha heals Lord Hanuman from his wounds inflicted by the Demon King Rahwana during Hanuman valiant attempt to deliver the kidnapped Princess Shinta.

Yasadipura uses this excerpt of the Ramayana to introduce the many disease-healing qualities of Kalamegha and to provide a list of recipes using the herb as a base.

Warning – Kalamegha is a very potent herb – it is advised to not use it during pregnancy.

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