Herbal Cigarettes for Ayurvedic Smoking (Dhumpan) (10 x 12 Pack)


Pack of 10 x 12 Ayurvedic herbal cigarettes.

A delicious blend  of Tobacco, Turmeric, Black Cumin Seed, Cardamom, Ginger, Javanese Turmeric, Miswak (for teeth and gums), Betel Leaf (Piper betle), Nutmeg and Black Pepper.
Very good to stop tobacco smoking. Contains only 0.16 mg nicotine.
These cigarettes can make you dizzy at times, since the medicinal herbs tend to provoke a detoxification reaction. Ayurvedic smoking of medicinal herbs is known as dhumpan.
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Herbal Smoking (Dhumpan)

Herbal Smoking (Dhumpan)

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