Tribulus Powder [Gokshura] (Aphrodisiac, increases Testosterone)


Tribulus Terrestris (in Sanskrit, Gokshuraka) increases testosterone.

  • It is a female aphrodisiac as well.
  • Women who take it regain regular ovulation and gain improved fertility.
  • It can cause menopausal symptoms to disappear and they generally experience few or no mood swings.
  • It also acts as an energy booster and reduces fatigue.
  • It is also helpful for people who suffer depression and mood swings, by increasing the hormones that promote happiness.
  • Therefore it can be used a natural hormone therapy.
  • It is also used by athletes to increase strength and muscle mass, as well as for sexual enhancement in both men and women.
  • Tribulus is also adaptogenic, detoxicant, a liver tonic, and has recuperative properties.
  • It also has analgesic and antibacterial qualities
  • It is a natural anabolic.

Main recommended use: As a male and female aphrodisiac and for athletic performance.

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